Connie Bakshi


@conniebakshi is a transmedia artist who blends tech, lore, and ritual to explore what it means to be human in the era of emerging AI. Her first two NFT collections, Ethereal Caress and Birds of Paradise, sold out on OpenSea and reflect an intimate relationship  and dialogue with AI.

In Rite of Passage, Connie harnesses AI machine vision to negotiate the relationship between human memory and digital archive, shifting cultural information and representation between different states of reality. The resulting machine permutations are echoes of the originals, connecting human imagination across centuries of time, technology, and culture.

Connie’s previous work includes a generative opera derived from DNA and an LED lighting series based on the ancient craft of Japanese urushi. She won the Red Dot Best of the Best Award for industrial design, the Takifuji Arts Award, has exhibited at SaloneSatellite in Milan, and is an alumnus of NEW INC, New Museum’s incubator for art, technology, and design.