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What is the story behind MoPAr?
As a social anthropologist and former auction house art specialist Rodania founded MoPAr as a way to engage with art and culture through the exhibition and acquisition of NFTs. Recognising both the importance of preserving art and making it more accessible to all, MoPAr operates to include collectors, students and art specialists with each collection.
How does MoPAr work?
Much like any other museum, MoPAr exhibitions feature thematic works of art from a chosen period, artist or culture. These works of art are inspired by the original but crucially, are permuted meaning they are interpretations of the original piece. By re-creating the works, we hope to make the art more engaging and approachable. The resulting permuted works are NFTs available for acquisition.
What is the point of MoPAr?
We want to make art collecting more fun and accessible whilst simultaneously sharing our passion for education and community. It is our mission to help promote cultural institutions, collections and artists by building a community of our NFT collectors, creators and art experts who are passionate about art and culture and want to make an impact.
How do the exhibitions work?
New exhibitions will be regularly launched inspired by different periods and cultures, revived and reinterpreted by an NFT artist. Our first ever exhibition is: Vol. 1, Jun ware, Legendary Ceramics from Centuries afore focused on the ingenuity of Chinese ceramics from dynasties spanning the 10th to 15th century. To rsvp for upcoming exhibitions, join us here.


What makes MoPAr NFTs different?
Our on-chain NFTs have their core IRL attributes on-chain making them both accurate and permanent, hosted on IPFS. Our NFTs are unique in that they reflect works of art spanning centuries and cultures, each created to preserve the history and innovation of that time.

Owners of MoPAr NFTs automatically become members of our Arts Club with exclusive access to events and exhibition previews. Please note collecting one of our NFTs does not provide you ownership of the IRL work of art.

Why are the gas fees so high for the on-chain NFTs?
Gas fees are a part of the cost of writing things onto the blockchain. The cost to claim (or mint) an on-chain art piece on MoPAr may cost more than what you are used to due to the amount of information that is being stored on the block with every claim. Our on-chain NFTs (with a pink border) reflect those from museum collections with their key attributes embedded on the blockchain. We do this to honour the antique's integrity and provide materiality.

NFTs without the pink border are available to collect off-chain without the higher gas fees. All NFTs grant collectors the same access and utility.

What are the royalty fees?
The royalties are 10%.


What does it mean to be part of the MoPAr community?
We want to build and foster a community of art students and art collectors. All owners of a MoPAr NFT automatically become members of our Art Club with exclusive access to special events. Follow us to find out what the collectors of our launch exhibtion, 'Chinese jun ware', will be invited to!
I'm a museum/owner of a private collection/artist, how can I partner with MoPAr?
Please contact us here.